Inspiration, Hope and Help for the Deaf

Hearing loss and deafness makes life challenging for many, but thankfully technological advances and a greater desire to understand deafness and deaf culture by the hearing community is making things easier than they once were.

The American Disabilities Act forced much more equality in the workplace by deaf people and as a result more effort has been made to insure that hearing and non-hearing people will be able to communicate with one another through technology and other means. Among the first steps in the process was TTY (telephone Typewriter) and closed captioning. A number of other devices using light and vibration also help deaf people with their day to day challenges.

Today, with more communication being done through texting, email, and other written correspondence and less through voice, deafness has become less of an issue. Also with the increasing acceptance of American Sign Language as a language option in schools more hearing people are becoming fluent in the language of deaf culture.

Many deaf people also make use of Hearing Ear Dogs. Service dogs were once known primarily to help service the blind, but now they are trained to help deaf people as well as those with other diabilities.

As time goes on human being only get more diverse and experience various challeges because of it. The more that diversity is realized and embraced, the more we strive to understand the the cultures involved, including deaf culture. This understanding makes life better for everyone.

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