Technology Gives The Deaf Chance to Live Normal Life

Though early November is typically a time of political turnover, developments within the past month have no doubt put a smile on the faces of individuals in not only the deaf community but the blind community as well.   Regardless of how one feels about Obama’s politics, the 44th President certainly took strides to reach out to millions of Americans who have suffered from hearing and or vision loss by signing into law new legislation that ensures equal technological opportunity, regardless of physical limitations. Read the rest of this entry »

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A Light at the End of The Tunnel for the Deaf

Many people lose their hearing throughout their life and are not born deaf. For these individuals, it can be even more difficult to adjust to a new life where you cannot hear anything or anyone around you. The good thing about living in this modern world is that there are so many advances concerning the deaf community that it can be easy for you to either get your hearing back or receive the support and guidance that you so desperately need. As far as getting your hearing back, there are many devices on the market that you Read the rest of this entry »

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A Silver Lining for the Deaf Through New Technology

Those of us blessed from birth with the sense of hearing can’t begin to fathom the challenges of those that deal with hearing impairment or total deafness. Modern communication advancement is exciting for those on both ends of the spectrum. The cellular 4G network and the Apple iPhone5 dazzle those that can hear with the new lightning speed of their device. To the deaf however, this technology has allowed them to make the first phone calls of their lives.

It is Read the rest of this entry »

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Ludwig Van Beethoven – The Deaf Maestro

The next time someone tries to tell you that the deaf are handicapped or, in any way, present the ailment as a form of detriment or impediment, think of the name Ludwig Van Beethoven. Beethoven was a virtuoso pianist and an unparalleled composer who was absolutely absorbed in his work. He had no care or interest in the mundane world of ordinary people and their ordinary lives – working, country duels, book keeping, Debt Counseling, reading, marriage, children – and, instead, devoted every fiber of his being to the world of music. He could conduct, compose and coordinate with the best of them and his prowess continued even through his hearing loss.

That’s right. Ludwig Van Beethoven, a name we associate with musical greatness to this very day, suffered from hearing loss – in fact, he was completely deaf. While he was not born deaf, his hearing gradually deteriorated in his late twenties until he was left with absolutely nothing. While some say this was the low point in his life and career, many people claim quite the opposite. It was his inability to not hear the noise pollution of everyday life, his ability to intensely focus on his work without interruption that made him a musical great – even with hearing loss.

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The Deaf Can Communicate Better Thanks to New Technology

Technology is getting better and better each day and with these advancements we are starting to see some amazing improvements that are happening in the deaf community. Some of the newest technologies being worked on are to make every day life more normal for everyone improving on cell phones, computers, and also modern day gaming systems.

Recently a new Android app called “Mtouch Mobile” was released for the HTC EVO and Nexus S smart phones which will allow deaf people to communicate by phone using real-time sign language interpreters. The new technology Read the rest of this entry »

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Opening Doors for the Deaf Through New Technology

Much of the new technology coming out to help the deaf interact with the world around them is focusing on using mobile devices, such as cell phones. Since practically everyone nowadays has a cell phone, it is an excellent tool to incorporate aids for the deaf. Another plus of using cell phones to implement new technology is the fact that they are much more affordable than utilizing other technological advances, such as cochlear implants. Check out the latest in cell phone technology for the deaf.

Researchers at MIT are Read the rest of this entry »

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Communication Improvements Made Possible for the Deaf

Back ten years ago or more, the technology for the deaf was interesting. Technology could be set up so that a light would turn on and off if the phone was ringing or someone was ringing the door bell. Communication improvements made possible for the deaf have been just amazing. Moving beyond the standard TTY technology, the deaf now have other means of communication available to them if they are comfortable with learning something new. There is now Read the rest of this entry »

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Is Your Child Showing Signs of Hearing Loss?

Children are the last people you expect to need a hearing aid, but younger members of the population are not immune from deafness. In fact, many of the leading causes of deafness can appear in children as young as 2. Making sure your child can hear properly is an important part of being a parent so take this advice to help determine if your child has hearing issues.
Look for cues. Does your child respond when you call their name? Read the rest of this entry »

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Stories that Inspire and Bring Hope to the Deaf

Only a few decades back the deaf had little hope in pursuing interesting careers of their choice. Typically they were limited to teaching at schools for the deaf, working in non-profit organizations or settling for a trade. Deaf technology is extremely influential in changing the lifestyle and employment options for the deaf.
Here are some examples:
video relay services where the deaf and hearing communicate via a remote interpreter that relays the conversation through video
closed captioning on television
deaf alarm clocks
One of the best known inspirational stories of a deaf person succeeding in the hearing world is that Read the rest of this entry »

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Could New Technology Help the Deaf?

Deaf people deal with many challenges. Hearing aids help, but have limitations. The best hearing aids are very expensive. Yet, most health care companies do not cover hearing aids. This leaves many deaf people using hearing aids that do not fulfill their needs. Many deaf people in developed countries practice lip reading to supplement their hearing aids. However, much of the world’s population cannot afford a hearing aid and are forced to use lip reading, for their only means of understanding what is said. Lip reading can be tricky though. For example, the letters p and b in Read the rest of this entry »

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